Alekos Filini

I have experience in many fields of computer science, which makes me uniquely suited for helping you out in many different ways: I have a deep knowledge of Bitcoin (particularly the on-chain side), but I also have experience designing L2 protocols (from a technical and game-theoretical perspective), embedded devices (hardware wallets) and running and self-hosting services in production.

For example, I can do;

If any of this points sounds interesting to you, you can book an online or in-person meeting with me. Here’s how it works:

  1. My hourly rate is always 100 EUR + VAT (if applicable), no matter the topic. If the meeting is in-person I may also ask you to cover my travel expenses (I’m based in northern Italy, but I also move around a lot for Bitcoin conferences)
  2. The meeting can be in English or Italian
  3. You can schedule a meeting by completing the form below. After submitting it I will manually review your request and either:
    • Accept it as-is
    • Propose a longer meeting if I feel like your request needs longer than the time you allocated
    • Cancel your request entirely if I feel like I can’t help you
  4. After your meeting request is accepted you will receive an email with a link to complete the payment (you can use Bitcoin, credit cards or wire transfers)
  5. Once your payment is confirmed you will receive a link to join the call